Listen in with FBR’s CEO, Eric Stites, as he explains some of the key factors you should consider when analyzing the potential return on a franchise investment.

In this recorded presentation, YOU will learn: 

•   How to understand median and average income for franchise owners
•   How to forecast for the 'Best Case' and 'Worst Case' financial scenarios
•   How to manage your income and expenses as a franchise owner
•   How to breaking down your FDD and franchisee fee 
•   What finance-based questions to ask potential franchise brands 

Is franchising the right fit for your personal and financial goals?

Watch the presentation for some valuable insights.

Eric Stities

"I think franchising represents a great opportunity. There are so many great cases where people have come into franchising and made a lot of money. There are [also] a lot of great opportunities for people to come into franchising and make good money, but also have a good, flexible lifestyle. But then for some, it's not a great fit."

- Eric Stites, CEO, Franchise Business Review